Monday, November 26, 2007

A Quasia Thanksgiving

Of course whenever I go home the thing that I'm most excited about is Quasia's greeting. This time, my mom opened the door before my dad and I walked in, and she ran right passed my dad (who she usually greets) and she ran right to me, wagging her tail a million miles per hour. Then she ran back inside the house, grabbed a toy and ran around the house. It's always the same thing. She definitely makes me appreciate coming home.

During the first 24 hours she was perfect, like usual. She followed me around everywhere, making sure that she didn't lose eye contact. I think she made me pet her all night.

She was pretty good during the whole week I was home actually. It just came on Sunday, where Devil Dog came out to play.

Sundays are always crazy, before heading back to school. I feel like I'm always rushing. This time, I had a Secret Santa package that I was preparing to send off, and I, of course, waited until the last minute to pack it up and send it. I brought the bags from Petsmart and I put them on the kitchen table. Then, I had to run downstairs real quickly to bring up some clothes to pack. When I came upstairs, the bags were on the floor, and Quasia was a couple of feet away in the family room, munching on the peanut butter dog treats that were not for her. Luckily, she didn't eat too many, but the bag was already ripped through, so I couldn't give that to my Secret Santa. Instead, I took one of Quasia's uneaten treats and I exchanged it with the peanut butter treats. I don't know if she deserves them though. I already made an announcement, saying that Quasia does not deserve her Secret Santa package - she's on the naughty list this year.

After getting into the dog treats, she felt like she still had to get into trouble. I left a plate in the family room, and she took that. Later, I left a banana peel and she took that too. I suppose it was my fault, but she usually isn't that bad. My mom said it's because she knew that I was leaving.

Anyways, I added in some pictures to this post - they're all from when I was home. I have some videos too, but I put them on my dad's computer, and I didn't have time to upload them online before I left. I should be home in just over two weeks though, so expect more Quasia updates them, and possibly Quasia Secret Santa opening package pictures, if Santa has decided to let that incident slip this year.


Kelsey and Spike said...

It's good to hear an update! I'm sure Quasia will do something to make up for her...umm...questionable behavior. ;)

Jamie said...

haha.. yeah, I already miss her now and I forgive her. I can never stay mad at her too long. :)