Thursday, December 13, 2007

Quasia gets a package!

I just got home tonight, and Quasia's Secret Santa (err... Hannukah Harry) package was waiting. She got really lucky this year and she loves all of her new stuff. Here are pictures.

A package!

Looking at what she got.

Quasia's Secret Santa made her these homemade peanut butter cookies (dog friendly), and she absolutely loved them. This is her waiting anxiously for me to give one to her.

Her two favorite toys were a bear and a platypus beanie baby dog toy that she got. She carries both of them around everywhere now.

Everything all together. You can tell she's very happy now.

So now I'm home for winter break, which means that I will probably have more Quasia updates, but not right away. I'm leaving tomorrow to visit my brother up north, and I will be taking the bus back, so that I can visit my friends from my summer internship. I will probably be stopping at the CDC, so I can see everyone again and get in a good puppy fix. I'll see about posting pictures from there.

I hope everyone has a good holiday. Quasia's definitely in the holiday mood, though Hannukah is now over.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Santa Has Arrived

Well, at least he has arrived to someone. The package I was talking about in the previous post, finally made it to my Secret Santa, Daisy! She is an adorably cute 3 year old, with the most animated face. Just thought I'd share a picture of her with all of her goodies. (The chocolate is not for her).

Quasia's package has not arrived yet, but Santa (or Hannukah Harry) should be coming soon. :)