Monday, April 2, 2007

Dog Food Recall

I don't know if anyone else is worrying about it, but this dog food recall is kind of starting to be crazy. It seems like every day they're adding a new food to the list.

Around the beginning of January I decided to switch Quasia's food. She ate Iams since she was a pup because that's what GEB uses. She's done well on it, but I just haven't heard the best things about the food and I had some other reasons to change. We switched her to Kirkland and for the first week she did not do so well on it. She was extremely thirsty and before she had never really cared so much about water and drinking. After that week she became better, so I did not think about it again. Then with this recall business they've listed Iams as one of the dog foods with the tainted ingredients. I know they said it's only wet food, but now they're starting to add dry foods to the list. I think they even are recalling a certain brand of Iams dry dog food, the diet brand or something. When I found that out I looked up the signs of kidney disease. The first sign is exessive thirst, which is really scary. I did read that the regular Iams food does not contain wheat glutan, which is the problematic ingredient. Now that they've started to add treats to the list, I'm getting worried that a treat that we gave her was no good. I'm going home next weekend and whenever I go home I like to bring Quasia something. I bought her a filled marrow bone and I noticed that it has wheat gluten. I know it's rare that Quasia will actually get sick or that she already is, but I just am scared to give it to her. Luckily I also bought this small teeth whitening bone with the other treat, and it doesn't contain wheat gluten. I'll have something to give to her.

Anyways, I made my dad call the vet's office just to make sure. They said they haven't seen any cases that are related to the recall, so that's good. Quasia has an appointment on Wednesday to get her distemper shot, so I think my parents are going to ask again about it at that point. I don't know if kidney disease can just go away, but it just makes me worried reading about the recall. Right now I'm really thankful that I switched Quasia's food because Kirkland has never been on the list of recalled foods.


Sarah said...

I know how you feel. Our pet dog was eating the wet food brands that were recalled last year when she went from perfectly healthy to having to be put down in a month. We're guessing it wasn't the recall because of the timing, but you never know. I switched Indiana to Canidae after a lot of research and he is doing fantastic on it. Unfortunately, Irie has to eat that Iams garbage :( If you want some good info, check the CDC website. The vets are staying on top of the recall and simplifying all the info for raisers. Hope Quasia checks out fine!

Joanna and Dash said...

Yeah, the banned food is bothering me. Canidea, the food GDA dogs must be on (therefore all my other dogs are on it), isn't on the list, but as I hear more foods being added, I keep checking... just to make sure!

Jamie said...

Sarah: I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I didn't realize that happened. I have been checking the CDC website to keep posted with everything. The recall just has gotten a little crazy.

Joanna: I didn't realize GDA feeds Canidae, that's really nice. I'm sure a lot of pet owners are worried about this, and I feel like I'm just another crazy owner worrying about this.