Friday, March 23, 2007

Looking Back..

Okay, I don't have many updates, but I just came across this video recently. It's from last summer when we took Quasia to a Lab Fest in Annapolis. I just thought it was kind of cute, so I wanted to share it. That was the first time that Quasia actually swam. Before that she just went as far as she could reach, but she finally opened up and enjoyed swimming that day. Oh, and the narrator is my mom, and I'm pretty sure that was the first time she used the camera video.

My school's internet does horrible with playing videos, let alone uploading them. I've tried, but I guess I've settled with the fact that I'm just going to be able to post the link. Hopefully that will work.


Sarah said...

That was so funny! I wish we had a beach somewhere to take the dogs. For some reason I always thought Quasia was really small, but she doesn't look that tiny in the video, at least not comared to Irie!

Joanna and Dash said...

That looks sOO fun!!! I'm jealous! I wish I could trust my lab like that. But she'd run faaaar away, hehe! Plus, she's never a big fan of the water. :) thanks for sharing the video, I really enjoyed it! :) She's SO cute!

Jamie said...

Sarah - Yeah, the beach is so nice. We're definitely going back this year. Quasia is really small - about 50lbs. It's just kind of hard to tell in the video.

Joanna - I was kind of nervous about letting Quasia go, but she was so good (except the first five minutes where I thought she was going to run off). Quasia never really swam until that day.