Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Time at Home

Last week was my Spring break, like I've explained, so I got some time with Quasia. It was really short, especially since my mom and I went to New York on Thursday morning-Saturday night. The weather wasn't great either, so it was hard to take my walks with Quasia. I did get a nice walk in with her one day, but it snowed the day after that. When I came home Quasia attacked me like usual, and she made me feel welcome. Anytime that I come home she runs out of her crate, jumps all over me, and then goes to my bag and tries to grab something from my bag. She usually grabs a shoe and she brings it to me. Silly dog. After she settles down, she normally stays attached to me for the rest of the day and normally into the next several days. Most mornings I'll bring her to my room downstairs and she knows that routine. She runs down the stairs (usually with a toy in her mouth), and runs right into my room, jumping on my bed (yeah, not a guide dog in training anymore). She loves my soccer ball pillow, with I've finally decided is her toy. She normally just rests her head on it, or runs around the room with it in her mouth.

Anyways, here are some pictures of from when I came home.

On my bed with my pillow.

She just won't give up on sock stealing.

I swear she knows where every sock in the house is.

Her new big tennis ball toy. It's already broken.


Joanna and Dash said...

Aww, she's sooo cute! Doesn't it always make you feel so loved when they get so excited to see you? :)

Kelsey and Chappelle said...

Aww what cute pics! :)

Joanna and Dash said...

Of course you may link to us! :)

Sarah said...

Hi, my name is Indiana, and I am a sock-stealer. It's a hard habit to kick, Quasia. I only have one question...why should we stop?


The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

Hi Jamie! Sure you can link to my blog. Good luck with the GEB internship. Fingers crossed. Quasia is adorable.