Sunday, April 15, 2007

Which Collar?

Okay, I want to get a new collar for Quasia for the spring/summertime (I'm a collar freak). I can't decide which one to get. Which one do you guys like the best? Or do you not like any of them?

Collar 1

Collar 2

Collar 3

Collar 4 (also comes in pink)

Collar 5

Collar 6


Sarah said...

I think they are all nice. Since she is black, I would go with the lightest color, so it will show up. Irie has a light green one and that suits her very well. I always picture Quasia as a "girly-girl" though, so maybe one of the pink ones. Where do you get them from? They are really nice!

Joanna and Dash said...

Aww, soo cute! I like 1,3,and 4. But they're all adorable!

Jamie said...

Yeah, Quasia is a girly-girl, but she's had so many pink collars, so I kind of want to change it up. I really do like the green one. They're from 3 Dirty Dawgz - the link is in my favorites to the left if you're interested. The lady who makes them is really great and I just love all of the collars.

Erin & Rei said...

I like number 3

Kelsey and Chappelle said...

I like all of them, number three is my favorite though, but maybe not for Quasia since she is black...the green would look good though. ;)